Weddings at St. James’

Holy Matrimony is a sacramental rite by which two persons are joined together in a lifelong union. The outward and visible signs in marriage include the couple themselves, rings, vows, and the congregation gathered to witness and bless the union. The inward and spiritual grace in marriage is the couple’s covenant with each other and with God. At St. James’ Cedartown, we delight in welcoming you to celebrate this sacred and solemn occasion in our church building. We promise to do all in our power not only to make your wedding a joyous event, but also to support you in your life in Christ.

At St. James’ Cedartown, we conform to the norms for Christian marriage expressed in the Book of Common Prayer (1979). Weddings that take place at St. James’ are governed by the policy hereinafter described, which is our effort to live into the norms established by the prayer book.

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